Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bouchon Bakery - Yountville, CA

Normally a bakery the size of my living room does not warrant an entire blog post, but when it's Thomas Keller's Bouchon Baker, we can make an exception. What's not to love about fresh made bread and pastries made by a world class chef? We were in need of a small snack while wine tasting in the area so we stopped at Bouchon. It was cloudy and chilly, so everyone ordered a hot drink - Erica and I choose hot chocolate. Rich and creamy, you have to be a chocolate fan to finish an entire cup. Our snack was a ham and cheese panini, oatmeal raisin cookie and two small chocolate bouchons. I really liked the sandwich. As crazy as it sounds, you could tell that this was fresh made and not from your local subway/corner baker/(name where ever you normally buy paninis). I hope the flavors are more delicious because of all the fresh ingredients Californians have access to. (otherwise couldn't we all make great ham and cheese panini??)

The cookie and chocolate bouchons (think mini circular brownie) were good, but probably too much for a non dessert guy like myself. I prefer oatmeal raisin cookies when I don't' need a sugar kick, but their version is definitely not for the faint of heart. It was thick and full of flavor, but also plenty of sweet stuff. And the bouchon is like a mini chocolate bomb. There's a reason they sell them individually. Again, well made pastry for chocolate and dessert lovers, it was just a bit much for me (especially after that dessert of a hot chocolate). 

If you're in the area wine tasting or food tasting, Bouchon Bakery is an easy and recommended stop. For those of us not getting a table at The French Laundry or Bouchon, this is an affordable way to taste some of Mr. Keller's mastery of food.

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