Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! Back in Town

I don't really enjoy Hallmark Holidays but this one isn't too bad. We get to enjoy a nice and romantic dinner at Rose Angelis, trade cards and eat chocolate. Anyway, enjoy the rest of Cupid's day with whomever makes you happy.

I'm back in town after a week of mountain life on Mt. Rainier. We got lucky with the weather and our entire crew accomplished the rare feat of a winter summit of Rainier. For some of my pictures click HERE.

Since this is supposed to be a food blog I'll throw in a food experience - brunch in Seattle on my way out of town at Lola (funny since there's a Lola in St. Louis that I had brunch at...)

We (Reba, Sandy and I) had a quick breakfast Saturday morning before I had to catch a flight back home. It's a cool and popular spot inside of a hotel right downtown. I also learned that it is apart of the Tom Douglas empire, a well respected and well known local restaurateur (apologies if I should know more...). We didn't waste time ordering, each of us got a hot drink and one dish. Reba and I both chose the pancakes (A stack of golden brown pancakes and pork-maple sausage, vanilla mascarpone, maple syrup) while Sandy went with steel cut oats.

I'm not usually a huge breakfast person, but even after coming off the mountain, this was delicious food. The maple syrup and vanilla marscapone were divine, bordering on desert style sweetness and guilty pleasure. I also loved the sausage links, a perfect complement to the rest of sweetness on the plate.

Even though I had one dish, I would go back and highly recommend checking out Lola. If I didn't know who Tom Douglas was before, I definitely acknowledge the great product and would want to see what else comes out of his kitchens. What a great way to end a good trip.

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