Monday, February 21, 2011


I finally got around the trying the new hot spot and I picked a good day (President's Day holiday) to avoid the masses. Ever since gw opened (and ever before!) it has received mixed reviews, from critics and yelpers alike. At first, that reduced my rush to wait in line for a $10 (+tax!!) sandwich. While I've only tasted one of the various sandwich options, I was surprised to enjoy it more than I expected. I wish I was with a few other people so I could try more of the menu, but a taste is better than nothing.

I don't have a good reason but I was in a non-meat mood today - thus I ordered the Whitefish sandwich. As the picture shows, it is served on naan bread (making eating a little tricky) with carrots, chutney, nuts and raisins. Since the concept is middle eastern/Indian, all the flavors worked really well. I liked the mix of fish with sweet chutney/raisins and crunchy nuts. The carrots and cilantro add freshness. $10 is a lot to spend on a sandwich but my portion was large. Since they are cash only, I'm a little surprised (and upset) that they charge tax on top of their nice round prices. I thought if you only post round numbers and ask for cash it's to make things fast at the register?

There were other interesting menu items that I would like to try, plenty of sandwich choices (grilled cheese, taco, pork belly, etc), soft serve, breakfast items and such. I don't know if would like them all equally but it'd be worth exploring. The cost is high but I like the concept, and my one small taste was quite good.

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  1. Did you hear he's going to totally change up the menu within the next month or so? I think only one or two things are staying. Check his Twitter feed.



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