Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Chinese - Update on Szechwan North

Have you even gone out for Chinese and you just can't stop eating? As close friends of mine know, that is a regular occurrence in my family (since we only go for good Chinese food :) As I mentioned in my previous post on Szechwan North, it is our family favorite suburban Chinese restaurant. I was back last weekend for a casual dinner with Dan and Erica, and it was one of our best meals there ever. It appeared that they modernized their menu look and even had new plates. We've always liked the food there, but this meal was great.

We ordered pot stickers to start, followed by kung bao beef, cashew chicken (a dish we normally don't get) and string beans. It is correct to assume that we ordered a lot of food (another family tradition at Chinese restaurants), but since it was so good we were looking forward to leftovers. The only problem with that logic is that you have to actually stop eating in the restaurant to have leftovers. Luckily we did stop eventually, just with much fuller bellies than anticipated.

There are few meals I enjoy more than great Chinese food, and this was one of the better ones. I'm thrilled with any subtle changes they've made. Szechwan North remains our go-to for suburban Chinese and it should be yours too. When was the last time you couldn't stop eating at the table...

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