Monday, September 3, 2012

The Peasantry

I was pretty excited to check out this new place in the heart of Lincoln Park from the team that does Franks 'N Dogs. The theme here is "Elevated Street Food." I didn't fully know what to expect it comprises a menu with many different options/sections and each one unique in their own 'off the beaten path' kind of way. [Fish head curry, fried gizzards, frog legs, octopus gyro and lamb tongue to name a few]. The main sections of the menu are starters, gyros, flatbreads, burgers, sausages and pasta with each section having a few different options. The space is small and cozy with a small bar, a handful of tables and a pretty cool open air counter facing the sidewalk with ~5 seats. (that's where we posted up).

The strange thing about the meal is that I liked everything about the concept - except the flavor of the food. And that's a big deal for me. There were plenty of things I would want to try so maybe I can give it a second opinion but based on round one I was not impressed. We ordered the rabbit pasta (best dish), shrimp and lobster roll, triple truffle fries and brussel sprouts salad. Aside from the pasta everything else left something to be desired - which was mostly salt and/or seasoning (even the truffle fries!). If I return (which I would definitely do for drinking with a snack maybe) I want to try a burger, a flatbread and a different sausage. The team knows what they are doing so probably just some kinks to work out. The service was awesome and friendly but I'm not sold yet on the value (many things in the mid teens which seems high). Check it out, give me a reason to go back because it's a fun idea in a great location.

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  1. Those dishes look interesting but I understand the pricing - maybe for occasional visits.



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