Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grass Fed

Chicago has always been a meat town and a destination for anything steak related. What's been happening recently too is that new ways to eat and enjoy meat have also been popping up in town. Grass Fed is one of those as it brings a very small and simple menu (one choice!) to a cool and classic country feel to Bucktown. I really liked the setting, long and narrow with high ceilings, white everything - wood paneled walls, tables, chairs, a nice curved bar in the front with the menu on chalkboard. I hear there's even a patio in the back. There are no paper menus as everything is on the wall (and on other smaller boards throughout).

Speaking of menu, we went on a Monday which is burger night, so in addition to the $25 steak meal (with salad and fries) they offer a burger for $12. They have three sides and three starters listed on the board that change frequently. I don't remember everything that was available but we decided on the spaetzle, cauliflower and brussel sprout salad to start. Brad was the lone steak order as Kate and I did the burger deal.

We enjoyed the starters though the cauliflower was by far the best dish with a nice dose of spice. I bounced back and forth between the spaetzle and brussel sprout salad trying to figure out which one I liked more or which one I wanted to eat again. The shaved brussels were nice and clean and refreshing but kind of lack a lot of flavor punch. The spaetzle was more fun with various textures and flavors. But I find it hard to eat an entire dish of spaetzle and feel good about it. The side salad that came with Brad's steak was pretty bland and uninteresting but did provide a few greens for the table to go with all the meat. And the greens served with the burgers were equally disappointing and had way too much dressing. 

But we came to eat meat and that's the most important. The star of the meal was probably the steak (the one bite I had) but right behind that was the fries and ketchup. The ketchup was so good (infused with jalapenos) that Kate had a buy a bottle (not offered) to bring home. I liked my burger but it wasn't anything to write home about or make a trip for. It was definitely juicy, and probably too much so. Nice meat and flavor but way too messy. 

I liked our time and meal at Grass Fed. It's a cool spot in the heart of Bucktown doing something a little different. The food overall was good, with the best dish being the steak (thank goodness) and fries. The concept is interesting but I think they recognize they need to expand the menu options in order to appeal to more people (they have a really good looking brunch and lunch menu so it might already be in the works). It's fun and affordable and cool place to have a meal. 

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