Monday, October 8, 2012

Au Cheval Brunch

There are so many brunch places in the city and everyone seems to have their favorite. I'll be honest - brunch is not one of my go-to eating out meals. I enjoy a good brunch but I don't crave going out for food on a nice sunday morning for some reason. Anyway, Au Cheval is such a fun place and has awesome and decadent food that when they started serving brunch a few weeks ago I had to check it out.

If you've been to the diner before than you know you shouldn't consult your doctor or get a cholesterol test shortly after. The food is awesome but extremely meat focused with no shortage of eggs, duck heart gravy, foie gras, etc to add. (Don't miss the burger either: Bon Appetit likes it.) The good news is that brunch is no different, just with a few different menu options. It's has standard breakfast items that mostly focus on the eggs already on the regular menu. I don't remember seeing pancakes and waffles, but that could easily have been an oversight. One item in particular that is not on the dinner menu is Jane's Muffin. Unbelievable  Try it. Love it. Order four.

We ordered a lot. More than we could ever dream of eating but we didn't tell that to our stomachs. It might be the first meal in years where I wanted to continue eating but literally could not physically do it. The richness of the food is a bit overwhelming, but that's the point of the place - so it's not a knock on them. I went with the traditional breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon), but we also had an order of hash browns, a side of bacon (totally unnecessary but too good to miss), and an omelette. Everything rocked, just didn't have enough room in the belly to finish everything. I love the thick cut bacon but I think it's a little tastier at sister spot Bavette's. Hash browns with carmalized onions awesome and I really like the eggs - but I didn't understand giving me four huge slices of buttered toast, almost texas toast style. I think some wheat bread with jelly would be prefect. Don't forget the drinks either! Nice bloody and a good selection of other morning cocktails.

It's an awesome time both for dinner and brunch, just know what you're getting into. Great rich, heavy, delicious food.

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  1. Love the bloody mary pic. I didn't even know Au Cheval was doing brunch. Like your restaurant choices!



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