Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RappEats Recommended 9/19

A few very small changes for the blog here. I still like to eat, but officially changing name to RappEats. Just makes sense. Also updating and going to feature a little more my RappEats Recommended list. It's definitely the number one question I get asked (where do I take...where should I go...what do you think of...). My list of ten restaurants has always been on the sidebar but now I'll have an actual post every few weeks or so with the names as reminder and any changes to the list. You'll notice some lines have multiple listings but by the same group (Sodikoff or Takashi here) or location related (Gilt and Bavette). My update is being heavily prompted by my swapping out 3 of the ten spots this week.

Current list:

Big Star
DMK Burger Bar
Frog n Snail
Bavette's Bar & Boeuf/Gilt Bar
Girl & the Goat
graham elliot
Maude's Liquor Bar/Au Cheval
Takashi/Slurping Turtle

The recent changes involved removing Coast Sushi, Mercadito and Bleeding Heart Bakery and adding Telegraph, Wood, and Frog n Snail. It's not that I don't like the other places, but the recent meals at these three restaurants were extremely good and deserve mention. Coast is still a fun BYO place for a more trendy night out, I love Mercadito for groups and Bleeding Heart was my favorite brunch spot when I lived in Wicker. I'm now on the lookout for another brunch/sushi spot so send them my way! 

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