Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm really a big fan of Wood - a new spot in Boystown with chef Ashlee Aubin (Alinea) at the helm. It has a great patio for summer nights and a super sexy long and narrow 'wood' theme inside. The bar runs the entire distance and opposite are nice leather semi-moon boths for larger groups. With no reservations I felt lucky to grab a table on a summer night last week.

I like the menu a lot for its simplicity - not a ton of options, most small plates, but all executed well (I'm assuming since I only tried a few). The first section is all small plates, ~12 priced $8-13 follow by a few flat breads, charcuterie, cheese and three 'large plates' (short ribs, half chicken and whole fish). It's a great balance of food that everyone can enjoy with various appetites. All of the food is accompanied by a healthy drink list with an array of cocktails, brown spirits, beer, etc.

We only ordered a few dishes since appetites were small that evening but the three ordered were great: Risotto (with Sweet corn and pancetta), a garden vegetable & herb salad (with Fromage blanc and hazelnut), and finally the flat bread of country ham (with kale and raclette cheese). 

Both the flat bread and risotto were excellent dishes I'd order again. The salad was fine and good, with some fun/funky grapes and other treats that made it more than just a green salad. The sweet corn in the risotto was a twist I had not experienced but really enjoyed. The flat bread was a great size with a few simple ingrediants that all came together well. 

It's been a while since just a few dishes had such a positive impact on me and I'm definitely eager for a return visit. An added bonus to Wood is that late night there's a side window called "Backwoods" serving Belgian fries. [Backwoods is the one and only late-night Belgian fries pick-up window in the city - website]. Check out Wood, you won't be disappointing, a great addition to that neighborhood. 

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