Friday, September 7, 2012

Viaggio Ristorante

This will definitely be short and sweet. My good friends Barisa and Joel have been raving about their favorite Italian place in the city (or at least the closest one) called Viaggio so it was just a mater of time before we all went. [It was two months ago]. Bottom line is that the place is a very solid, authentic and homey Italian restaurant with all the classics. It reminds me of a non-chain (though there are two locations) Maggianos - large affordable family style dishes of no non-sense classic Italian (and the crazy surprise is how hard that is to find in the city). Servers are great and authentic and the decor is decidedly simple and efficient.

We started with the famous meatball salad - which is not what I was expecting. It is literally a green house salad served with meatballs. Quite delicious though. I had a veal parmesan (I think) and tried the spaghetti with meat sauce. I preferred the pasta over my veal but everything was solid good and great value. It's not world class mind changing Italian - but is it ever supposed to be? I grew up with pasta as a comfort food so as long as I really enjoy the dish and sauce I'm a really happy man.

I'm not sure I'd run back but I definitely would return and if someone asked for a similar recommendation I'd be happy to send them Viaggio's way.

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  1. It seems like you really enjoyed eating at that restaurant. I think I have to go to that restaurant myself to know if the food they offer is really delicious.

  2. I’ve already heard a lot of positive feedback about Viaggio Ristorante! And I will definitely try this resto and experience their food and resto services!



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