Friday, August 24, 2012

Ada Street

This is a win, less than a month after a meal and it's getting posted. I went to check out Ada street for multiple reasons: same team that created DMK Burger (one of my favorites in the city) and Fish Bar, funky warehouse location and a ping pong table with tournaments in the back. I really like the concept and design layout of Ada. It's in a complete unknown location with nothing else around and in an old building long and narrow. After you walk in you must wind your way through a small corridor (where they keep a very nice wine locker collection) and past the turn table (where they offer you the option of picking out some tunes) and end up in a small dining room with a large bar and an outdoor seating area separated by a glass garage door. It was a perfect summer night so eating outside on astro turn on folding tables with plastic picnic table cloth seemed appropriate. The outside is cool and was definitely a driveway back in time but it works with the open sky feel, string lights and cozy feel. Overall though the atmosphere and setting was the highlight; I thought the food was pretty average all around. I like the menu the a lot because it's small but has many options for everyone to enjoy, but I just wish it was tastier. We ate the following: fried green tomatoes, polenta fries, a fish dish (forget), corn chowder soup, beef tenderloin and the daily flat-bread was a vegetarian medley. Favorites were fried tomato and flat bread, soup wasn't bad and beef was ok. 

I think other reviews capture the essence pretty well. Ada is a cool hidden spot that is going to succeed more as a bar than a destination food experience. It's fun and unique, a little funky and interesting. I've heard the cocktails are great which might be a safer bet because our not very large meal with a drink came to ~ $90, which is a lot to ask for that experience. Check it out, it's different, drink heavy and eat light. 

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