Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Burger Bar

What, another burger spot in Chicago? It seems they multiply overnight but my job is to try and keep track of them all. Using the Yelp scale of grading, I'd give UBB a four or "Yay, I'm a fan!" The burgers were good, the beer list long, the patio refreshing and the service friendly and quick. Do I need to write anymore?

Urban Burger Bar reminds me more of a restaurant than bar, especially a burger bar. The menu doesn't scream burgers. There are two main sections, build your own, or choose from eight "stackers." There are also some "un-burgers" such as chicken, veggie, turkey or tuna.  In addition, they serve salads and fries. The only two complaints we had was that the prices seemed a bit high, even for gourmet burgers, and that not every burger was cooked to order. The cheapest possible burger is $9 before extras, but we all started with the $12 grass-fed. Each burger comes with fries, which adds value, but not at your own choice (plus truffle fries are $1 extra).

I ordered the tuna sashimi burger to test the variety, and was slightly dissapointed. The tuna was more cooked than I anticipated and not all that flavorful. My sweet potato fries were great though.

Jon ordered the En Feugo burger which comes topped with avocado, peppers and jack cheese. My little bite was quite divine and the next time I go I plan on ordering the Feugo.

Geoff and Ashley both went with custom burgers and from the little I heard from that side of the table I assume everything was delicious. Ashley commented more than once on her mushrooms. Geoff was creative with his burger, adding an egg, cheese, bacon and anything else that could give you a heart attack. Ashley upped the anti with truffle fries and didn't give me a taste.

Erica likes her burgers nice and simple and didn't want a photo to compare with these works of art. Most importantly, all food was tasty and sitting outside enjoying a beer and burger is hard to beat. We think the prices might be a tad high but we had a good experience. If you're looking for simple burgers that won't break the bank, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. But for high quality gourmet goods, with a great patio and beer list, make your way to the new Urban Burger Bar. Yay, I'm a fan.

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