Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cloud 9

What better way to follow up BBQ ribs than with snow ice?! What's snow ice? Well Cloud 9 describes it as:
"a delicious frozen treat that can be described as a cross between ice cream and shaved ice. It has a fluffy texture much like cotton candy but melts like creamy ice cream." It's definitely goofy, fully, cold and creamy. It looks cool too.

There are 4 flavors, mango, strawberry, vanilla and green tea. I choose the strawberry wit chocolate drizzle, and erica went chose vanilla with oreo and kiwi toppings ($0.69 each). The funniest thing happened though, half way through we decided to switch and never went back. Strawberry is a "stronger" flavor, that I didn't particularly need, while vanilla is more subtle. The toppings are always fun for me though. One bonus is that they claim a serving of snow ice is only 150 calories (pre toppings) with only 1g of fat. If true, that's pretty harmless stuff (we walked it off by the time we got home...).

 Erica was a big fan while I'm just 'meh'. If I want a cold and refreshing desert, I'll stick with yogurt and toppings. If you want more fun and creativity, check out Cloud 9 and get strawberry or green tea. In any event it's worth the trip in case you happen to REALLY dig the stuff.

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