Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Piggery

As I mentioned in my other blog, it's good to be home again in Chicago. I don't have any major (i.e. intentional) travel plans and can once again focus on exploring and writing about the Chicago food scene. My first stop was to check out the "newish" BBQ shop The Piggery. It's close by, affordable and I'm always in the mood for good BBQ. (editor's note, I just got the iPhone 4 so my pictures are much improved)

I had high expectations because it was a beautiful night, a good menu and a nice beer selection. I went with my standard BBQ dish of ribs and enjoyed them very much. The meat was well cooked and melted off the bone. I'm a barbque sauce snob and I approve of the their house specialty. Unfortunately that was the highlight of the meal. My side of baked beans was inedible while the mac and cheese was good but not baked with very runny cheese (some like it that I way I realize).

Erica ordered the special of the day, a bottomless bowl of pasta and meatballs, served with garlic bread and salad (all for $9.85). I know you don't normally order pasta at a BBQ joint (and for good reason), but we ordered as a team and didn't need all that meat tonight. The salad was pretty good but the pasta and meatballs were not so good. The garlic bread was a solid rock too. Moral of the story is order BBQ at a BBQ spot for best bet.

Even though the ribs were tasty, every other part of the meal left a lot to be desired. The beers were tasty and from a good selection. Our service was very good at the start, but fell off a cliff when it came to pay the bill. Nothing more frustrating than trying to pay a bill from a meal you weren't crazy about :) (Our server did apologize, it was her second night). With all the new pork places popping up I can say that I will not rush back to The Piggery. The patio is nice and the "sports bar" looks interesting, but as I've always said, you shouldn't have to get lucky with what you order on the menu.

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