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One of the best reasons I like trying new restaurants is that once in a while you find a really good one before everyone else. Arami is a new sushi spot in Ukrainian village that qualifies as a great new find, especially for my friends that live around the corner. Hot tip too, it's BYOB until they get their liquor license, which is a huge bonus for now.

The relatively small space is nicely decorated with a soft wood and homey feel. The menu is refreshingly simple but not "small." There is ample choices of sashimi and nigiri with a few special maki rolls. I'm not one that needs a lot of special rolls that cost double the other stuff so I'm happy to keep my options simple. At the top of the menu are a few selections of hot and cold starters, and also a selection of soups, which could soon become a crowd favorite. Our entire meal for 5 included 7 rolls, 1 starter and 1 ramen soup all for $110. Every dish was delicious, attractively presented with good service. Everyone agreed that Arami qualifies for a rare 5 out of 5 rating and is a welcome addition to the Ukrainian village neighborhood (lucky friends I have).

We started our tasty meal with miso glazed salmon, served on skewers with a side of asparagus, and sharing a bowl of the arami ramen. The salmon was delicious and not too sweet and I loved the grilled asparagus, it was a nice combo.

The table also really loved the ramen, served in a large black pot with lots of noodles, pork and vegetables as well as a poached egg for good measure. It's likely on the menu as a main dish, but I highly recommend getting one to share as a starter (a very healthy serving size).

Our sushi rolls arrived and did not last long. There were no surprises and very good fish. I particularly enjoy complex flavors in a maki roll that is not the size of tire. A good chef should be able to make it interesting without resorting to throwing a kitchen sink between see-weed. Our favorite roll was the shrimp tempura asparagus (ordered twice), but even if we over-ordered by a roll, we sent back our plates clean. We also ordered a classic spicy tuna, hamachi maguro ebi, double sake, soft shell crab and unagi maguro. I apologize for not being able to point out each roll in the pictures but here they are in all their glory.

Spicy Tuna

soft shell crab

Shrimp Tempura Asparugus and Unagi Maguro

Hamachi Maguro Ebi (I think)

If you need a new sushi spot or live nearby, I think Arami is a solid choice and a welcome addition to the sushi world. The service was good with excellent sushi at good value. It's small so make your reservation before the rest of the city catches on.

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