Sunday, August 8, 2010


I had dinner at Foodlife Thursday night for my first ever visit to the highly acclaimed food court. Right off the bat I was impressed with the selection and set-up (use of a charge card, pay at the end). Knowing the quality is top notch from the LEYE people, any choice is bound to be tasty. You can pick from Chinese, stir fry, meats from the grill, sushi, salads, desserts, etc. Since you pay at the end, if you leave discipline and discretion at the door, it could make for a long and tasty meal.

Out of our group of 5, 3 of us went for the make-it-yourself stir fry station, Erica grabbed a pulled pork sandwich while Tali balanced us out with a salad. Everyone was happy with their selection and there wasn't a dirty plate by the end of the meal. The only complication came with my dish. See if you can notice the "extra" ingredient that doesn't belong.

If you guessed "rubber band," you'd be correct. That circle piece of rubber does not belong in my chicken stir fry. I didn't make a stink, but I did tell the manager. He offered me a new dish but I liked what I made so I just kept on eating (I don't regard a rubber band as unsanitary as "human" elements). Anyway, he combed my dish and offered the table desserts. I approve of the professionalism and customer care delivered.

Like most concepts LEYE, this one is a hit. It's a simple idea, serve really good food in a "food court" setting and people will pay for it. I don't shop or live near Water Tower Place, but for my out of town guests spending a day on Michigan Ave, I'll send them that way (and avoid helping them make a decision until the last minute).

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