Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chow Town and Food at Lolla

There's been a lot of buzz and talk about Chow Town at Lolla this year organized by none other than Graham Elliot (who cooked a birthday dinner for The President). I didn't get a chance to sample some of the new vendors because I was in a rush yesterday, but that leaves me today and Sunday to change that.

Our quick snack yesterday included the always delicious Smoke Daddy pulled chicken sandwich and the vegetarian platter from Lee Concessions. Everything was made to order, fresh and hot off the grill. I look forward to exploring Elate, Blue 13, Big Star and others in Chow Town. What can be better than good festival food and great music at the best music festival in the country?

Chow Town

The second pass through Chow Town brought me to the North Side to see what else I could find. Today was a tasty gyros day from Greek Delights where we had our choice of regular or chicken. We grabbed one of each. Like most reports and my experience, the food tasted good and fresh with plenty of needed napkins.

All in all I consumed some BBQ chicken and chips from Smoke Daddy, veggie platter from Lee Concessions, black bean burger from Old Towne Smokehouse and chicken gyros from Greek Delight. Not a bad way to chow down at a festival.

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