Tuesday, May 21, 2013


There's so much to say about Grace but probably so few words to do it justice. It also doesn't help that my experience there is definitely not the norm. Therefor this post will be very light of written detail and just have more pretty pictures to look at. First of all, I went with a friend of Chef Duffy so I have no idea which courses were actually brought out and when, as I'm pretty sure the actual menu wasn't really followed, and definitely augmented (not complaining, just harder to recall in detail). We also had delicious wine pairings but again, I have no idea what they were - besides extremely tasty and well chosen. But less about me, here are a few observations of the experience at a high level. 

The food is by far the most artistic dishes I have ever seen in my life. Each one could double as a painting and not food, particularly with all of the whimsical and creative touches of texture and color that really make things stand out. There were no throw away courses, or courses that attempted to push your comfort zone just because the kitchen wanted to see you squirm. Everything was approachable and edible even if visually delicate. 

Comparisons of Grace to Alinea are natural given the history of the Chef, the price point and the style of the food. But I find that they are only similar at the surface (and maybe the damage to your wallet). Grace is a much more approachable restaurant in many regards and a place you could go for that wow meal without feeling like you're about to mortgage your house or that you might pick up the wrong utensil. There's an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness that persists. Maybe there are more circus tricks and wizardry happening at other spots in town but Grace has enough to make it fun but not too much to confuse or distract from the real show - the visual ART of delicious cuisine. If you are inclined to seek out a high quality, expensive, fun, different and beautiful dinner (that doesn't last 6 hours) - you should grab the next table at Grace. Enjoy the pictures. 

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