Sunday, June 16, 2013

RappEats Moves to DC

I’ve learned that it is quite difficult to continue writing a food blog when you A) move cross country B) start a new job C) don’t have internet at your apartment to write said blog. The last one might be the largest drawback, besides not having the time in the day to navigate work, new apt and writing. I guess I’m discovering it was much easier to go out and eat and write when I didn’t have full time work a few years back. Who would have known?? Anyway, as I write this in a coffee shop because I need internet, I am going to post a lot of small and quick entries of some of the places I’ve tried as I left Chicago and relocated to DC. It will be much more of a “Where has RappEats been” and less of a detailed critique and examination of what works or doesn’t. Apologies but just too far backed up to detail and I would rather post some pictures and locations vs. extreme detail. I hope as I get more settled and into a routine I will be able to A) explore more restaurants in my new city of DC and B) have the time to write about them! A smarter blogger might want to space these posts out over a few days or something but I don’t have the patience for that. So enjoy them all right here, right now.

Feel free to inquire about specific places/dishes if I do not get to them. 

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