Sunday, June 30, 2013

Takito Kitchen - Chicago

Even though I now reside in Washington, there are a few lingering posts I forgot to do before leaving Chicago, particularly at the end when I was scrambling to get everything together. There are two places - one is a newer Mexican spot in Wicker Park, and the other is a classic Italian pizza palor in River North I never went to for some reason. 

I don't remember when Takito Kitchen opened but it wasn't too long ago. It joined the booming craving for Mexican tacos and street food that I didn't realize could last as long and as strong as it has (is it still happening??). The challenge for me is that how can you really attempt to top Big Star for that style of food and ambiance? AND is it smart to try and do it just a few blocks away when the comparisons will be rampant? Unfortunately the answer is no to all of the above, and particularly for Takito (as I've heard good things about Antique Taco just down the street). I like that the menu is simply and to the point with not an over abundance of options - and tacos taking the share. But I thought it was in contrast to the rest of the restaurant that had the feel and appearance of wanting to be more. And that also came through with non-traditional (read fancy and expensive) margaritas and other menu items. Example - who doesn't serve salsa with tortilla chips at a mexican restaurant? Or at least have them available? We were only given rice crackers and some other kind of cracker. Also, not a huge fan of their "take on guacamole", which was more like an avocado and pine nut spread with a LOT of lemon juice (also no chips). Strange. 

The tacos were ok, a few good a few meh. The fish was the best by far but I don't remember what was inside. If we had a beef taco that was good too as I don't recall the pork being anything to write home about.  We also had sides of asparagus and polenta - both were quite tasty but kind of over ordered at that point in the night so was hard to enjoy. Finally, the thing that also really threw me was how poor our service was. Everything took forever, our server was AWOL most of the time and we had to ask multiple times for things. Needless to say we had a long meal with food we didn't love. Oh well. It happens. Go to Big Star or Mercadito other fun places for a good taco meal.

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