Monday, May 6, 2013

Graffiato - Washington, DC

Change is coming to RappEats. By the end of the month the focal city will no longer be Chicago but Washington, DC. It's time to explore a new city and see if any place can possibly compete with the world class dining that Chicago has developed over the last decade. Have no fear, I am up to the challenge and hope local Chicago readers will continue to enjoy reading about food from other cities. Throughout this month I'll have posts from previous DC meals I need to write about, as well as my last few efforts of catching up on the Chicago scene before moving residences.

My first "real" meal in DC back in January when I was there working on the Inauguration was at Graffiato. Whenever I would go out or plan meals I was at the mercy of my friends since I had no clue of where to go. Haley decided the first place I needed to explore was the restaurant Top Chef Mike Isabella created after leaving Zaytinya (another spot I'll need to check out). Ironically during my month stay in DC I ended up at Graffiato multiple times for drinks or snacks as it is very well located and popular as a fun place to hang out.

I really enjoyed the meal and would definitely go  back (as I did already - but also for dinner). The space feels great, two levels, good crowd and fun bar area with the wood burning oven on full display. I was very impressed with the value of the meal and thought our service was solid. Neither one of us was TOO hungry and I was subjected to dear friend Haley's gluten free wishes (which only adds reason to return) so our selections included brussel sprouts, buratta salad, arctic char, risotto and cauliflower. Our server also mistakenly brought us a beet salad dish but gave it to us on the house anyway. It happened to be very tasty.

This meal happened to be almost four months ago so my memory of the details of each dish is lacking, but I remember overall to be impressed with the food, flavors and presentations. I believe the Arctic Char and the risotto were dishes that didn't hit on all cylinders like the others but that's fuzzy. I also thought the buratta salad was interesting but not what I expected with a lot going on. The vegetables were all great: the brussel sprouts, cauliflower and beets.

Cheers to a great start of exploring DC (any many more to come). Amazing value and solid food that I want to return and try more of the menu. Good thing I'll have plenty of time in about 30 days! Any and all suggestions for ideas in Washington are welcome. Thanks!

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