Saturday, May 11, 2013


No, not Reno, Nevada, but Reno the new restaurant from the guys that did Telegraph and others. And yes, Telegraph is next door so I too was confused when I showed up on the corner of Milwaukee and Logan Blvd and thought I was in the wrong place. I went for dinner but apparently they are doing very good breakfast (great bagels?) and lunch business too. It's cash only which adds to the rustic, earthy, coffee house feel with exposed wood and brick everywhere. Love the extendable lamps at eat table too. I like the charm, it works, especially in that neighborhood.

The dinner menu features pizzas, pastas and a few salads/sides. We did a little of everything. Our dinner included the frisee spinach salad, roasted broccoli side, the HOG pizza and DUBS pasta. All washed down with some tasty beer and wine.

Hands down the standout in that group was our pasta - a fun and different take on what tasted very much like a mac n cheese. And the best part was that the pasta was mostly rotelle (aka the wheels) - bring back childhood memories for us all. But the cheese (gruyere and white cheddar) was delicious and the touch of truffle oil sealed the deal. I'd go back for that dish again. We also loved the roasted broccoli dish. It was tasty, lots of good olive oil and roasted garlic. Very well done. The pizza was nice (porkbelly carnitas, salsa verde, mozzarella, rajas, cotija cheese), and notable for the green salasa in addition to the cheese and 'hog' meat. Nice but not earth shattering. I'd try other options next time. The frisee spinach was rather uninteresting. 

We ended with a few desserts, I guess I had a sweet tooth that night. They were the ice cream cookie sandwich and apple crisp with cinnamon ice cream. Both were actually just ok, not bad, ice cream good but both felt a little above average. 

I enjoyed our experience at Reno. The value was good and our service was usually solid (except forgetting our pasta - the best dish!). I like the vibe and feel of the place, somewhere you can spend all day if you wanted. The food was a bit inconsistent with some really nice dishes and some very average ones. But even so the overall experience was positive and worth checking out.

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