Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lost Society - Washington, DC

Happy Mother's Day to all moms new and old!! The best way I know how to celebrate is with food. So go have a brunch, bbq, dinner or all of the above with Mom and have a great day. Because Mom's rock.

Lost Society was the most recent DC restaurant I ate at on my last visit (which will be the last time before actually being a resident). It has this interesting and funky vibe of wanting to serve stake on one level (which happens to be the second level above a subway), and have a loud, dancy, open air bar/lounge above. And even on the "steak" level, it feels much more like a bar our cocktail lounge, even with tables equipped with personal curtains for privacy (except strange enough not between the tables...). So all in all it's trying to be hip and cool and slightly exclusive/club like, but then wants to be more upscale with the menu and drink lists. Confusing.

We ordered plenty of food to get a good sense of the range: kale salad, salmon, filet with fries and brussel sprouts on the side. The best dishes hands down were the sides. Fries were very good, well cooked and salted and I could have had two more orders of the roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil, garlic and cheese. It seems that dish is everywhere but few places really do it well. I know Kale is all the rage right now and there's an argument to be made that it's hard to really spice that super healthy green up. But they did a pretty good job of making the most of it with a nice and light dressing, cheese, pine nuts and dried grapes. Not bad.

The main dishes were pretty mediocre, nothing too memorable. The steak wasn't bad for a $29 filet, a little under cooked for my taste but I didn't bother to send back. It came with butter and bordelaise sauce but I think I would have been better off with steak sauce (a mortal sin for true steaks). I only had a taste of the salmon and it was prepared well, but just lacked any sense of creativity or unique flavors. Standard salmon that my friends and I can make just as well.

Verdict? An interesting spot that definitely caters more to the drink crowd than the eating crowd, especially 'upstairs'. I thought the sides were very good and I'm sure some of the other small plates could have been as well. Not sure it's worth going here for meat though. Good thing I'll have an entire new city to explore and find out all these answers...

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  1. Hello Jeff,
    This post is really nice. Love the foods. Foods look very delicious. Dc restaurant's are very nice. Want the recipe of this food. Hope your next recipe will published soon.



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