Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pot Pan

Erica and I are still looking for a go to Thai place in the hood. There are many options, or at least more than we have had time to try. We will all know when Wicker Park becomes the next Lakeview when there is a sushi/thai/noodle/byo on every corner. Thai Village wasn't our favorite so we picked up from Pot Pan the other night on a recommendation (and it's just down the street). It was our standard and simple order - chicken satay with peanut sauce, pad thai for the pad thai queen and my pad see eew.

I said we are still looking for a go to Thai place because Pot Pan was good but still missing that extra umpf (or MSG or something) than makes you want to go back and stuff more tofu in your face. The peanut sauce for the satay was great but the two noodles dishes were just so so. Erica's pad thai was much worse than my pad see but both dishes needed that extra flavor punch. I like my noodles and vegetables - both well cooked and with great texture. But my favorite part of a good thai noodle dish is the sauce, and neither had very much. The pad thai was seriously bland. We'll continue our journey for our favorite local noodle place and maybe give Pan another look. It's close, cheap and the food's decent but not awesome.

Pot Pan Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


  1. Hah! Pad Se Euw (sp?) is my dish. Pot Pan was unremarkable. Didn't even write about it. I go to Kin on Milwaukee (the place where the roof fell in a month or two ago?) just because it's close. Butterfly on Chicago is always packed, although I thought their PSE was only "good" as well. There's a place on Chicago closer to Ashland that is next on my list. Manee?

    For Chinese, check out Mon Lung on Ashland if you haven't already. The Hot & Sour soup is great, and very decently priced for such a large bowl.



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