Monday, November 28, 2011

Country House

We started the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend with a stop to a favorite local bar and burger place walking distance from home. It was packed as expected for "black Wednesday" or whatever they call the busiest bar night of the year. We just wanted to catch the Michigan bball game and eat a good burger. It's an awesome place to hang out and even more so if you can snag the table in front of the fire place. It's definitely similar to scene out of "Cheers" where everyone knows your name (or that of the person next to you) and the peanut shells flow freely to the floor. I suppose even bars in the suburbs can have some fun :) The beer was great and our service was attentive but everyone's burger seemed to be missing a step. Perhaps the excessive crowd overwhelmed the kitchen a bit though one would expect that on Thanksgiving weekend.

We started with a pretty good spinach dip with tasty pita chips. I thought they short changed us on dip but that's because it was so tasty. The burger menu at Country House is simple yet sophisticated. You can go simple and plain, or opt for buffalo, ostrich (my choice), veggie or turkey. I love the idea of ordering a non beef meat for a burger for the health benefits (or less bad). But the ostrich burger was pretty bland a little over cooked. I ordered without cheese but good meat and seasoning should still prevail. Oh well. It's still a fun place and has "Chicago's Favorite Burger" so I bet it was an off night. Looking forward to the next trip for a beer and burger next to the fireplace. 

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