Sunday, November 20, 2011

Prasino Dinner

My first trip to Prasino was short and sweet but return was bigger and better to celebrate Jordan's birthday. We ordered plenty and had a great time with good food. Our service was horrible though, with disappearing servers and an unnecessarily long dinner. I guess we're lucky not to have been around when a cab didn't get the memo about no drive through service (Cab Story). As I wrote before, Prasino is a good addition to the neighborhood with a huge space and patio, good drink list and a creative "green" menu (sandwiches, sushi, pasta, flat bread, salad and seafood). I was also impressed with the two desserts we tried, and there were other ones I'd like to try.

My favorite items are still the flat breads and sushi rolls. Both are well made and delicious with nice flavors. I ordered fish tacos as a main dish and was rather unimpressed - I also made the mistake of ordering chips as my side (who orders chips with fish tacos?). Erica ordered an appealing ravioli dish that did not live up to expectations. Birthday boy Jordan ordered the best dish of the table - the pork chop.

There are a lot of interesting menu items I would try on a return trip, and a large menu with something for everyone. However, I'm likely to stick with what I think works best - drinks and small plates of sushi and flat bread (and maybe a burger). Prasino is not going to change your food world but it is a nice option for the local crowd, particularly in summer. If the service issues can be fixed it's a good spot for the trendy "drinks and appetizer" wicker park resident.

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