Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thai Village

We love Thai food (I affectionately call Erica the Pad Thai Queen) and are always on the look out for nearby goodies. I first heard about Thai Village from the Michelin Guide (it received a Bin Gourmand Award) and from my blogger friends Krista and the BYO Bandits. At the time I was still living in Lakeview and didn't need a new Thai place way out in Wicker Park to try. That all changed when we moved to the area. We don't yet have a good go-to Thai takeout place (suggestions anyone?) and figured we should give Thai Village a try. Unfortunately I don't think it made the cut. Maybe the food is better if you eat at the restaurant? I hear there's a great lunch special, so maybe that's the key? We ordered pretty standard fare: pad thai, pad se ew, chicken satay and thai spring roll. The satay and spring roll were very ordinary and typical cheap thai standard (though I did like their peanut sauce). Erica wasn't a fan of the pad thai (and she would know), especially since it had peas (?) thrown in. I didn't mind my pad se ew but I certainly wasn't impressed. The noodles were meh and there was not enough flavor in the sauce or much of a sauce at all. 

Oh well, it didn't cost us much time or money to try it out but I think we'll move on with our search for tasty local Thai food. There are so many choices in Chicago and elsewhere for Thai/chinese that I won't lose sleep of this. I just can't wait to find the Penny's Noodle or Star of Siam or fill-in-the-blank local spot. 

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  1. Wow... That looks amazing. I have been craving Thai food all day, I need to figure out a great place in our city. I wish I could be there!

  2. I love these Thai rice bowls in their cuisine. I swear, the variants are endless.

  3. I recommend you try the "papaya salad" as well. It's like a salad with fish sauce and other spices.
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  4. When I visited Bangkok, I stayed in one of the hotels. It's a good hotel equipped with great amenities. Out of my curiosity, I roamed around the city and found out some street foods. It was a very fun experience indeed. I think I should try the papaya salad as well. It sounds delicious.

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  5. I would love to visit Bangkok as well. I've heard a lot of good reviews about Thailand. This country has indeed a lot of things to offer from great hotels to luxurious resorts.

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