Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Doughnut Vault

I finally got to taste a doughnut from the "vault." There's not much to describe - it's a walk up window that serves three kinds of doughnuts and coffee. It's an early morning gig and the line gets quite long on Saturdays. Once inventory is gone they stop selling and you're out of luck. The real question is, are they worth it? I'm not a fan of waiting in line for anything, especially food, but you definitely can't find doughnuts like these anywhere in the city. We tried all three kinds - gingerbread stack, buttermilk old fashioned and glazed. The gingerbread stack of 3 was delicious and small enough that you didn't feel too guilty. The buttermilk old fashioned was my least favorite since it seems heavier on the sugar and less on the dough. Our favorites by far were the glazed. These are not your normal glazed doughnuts. Think car tire size. And the doughy middle is more like cake than doughnut, super soft and squishy. I prefer the classic vanilla glaze but the chestnut is also quite good. None of us are huge chocolate fans anyway so we'll let the doughnut fanatics eat that one.

If you're a big doughnut fan you must try these. If you appreciate amazing sweet baked goods you must try these. I recommend a mid week stop to avoid the crowds and line and I highly suggest walking home afterwards (they're likely to fill you up for a while). Chicago is lucky to have cool and delicious new take on an old American tradition.

a sneak peak at the doughnut rack

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