Sunday, July 24, 2011

IHOP - Janesville, WI

I have not been to an IHOP in years, maybe decades (and I'm only in my third) and that is for good reason. We were in southern Wisconsin for a wedding the night before. What better way to try and cure a night of heavy drinking than with mass produced synthetic eggs, biscuits and gravy and whipped butter topped Belgian waffles? It was a good idea that didn't end being a great choice. My waffle wasn't bad but that's about it. The food is so cheap it should give you pause from the start. Eggs, bacon and hash browns accompanied my waffle without fanfare. Dustin is the brave soul who ordered the biscuits and gravy while Carson went out on a limb with a seasonal crepe. The best however was Holly wanting Eggs Benedict that arrived with a boiled egg instead of poached. Oh well. We ate, we recounted our evening (from our perspective), and made our way back to Chicago. If you have a choice, I'd skip the local IHOP no matter how good the pictures look.

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