Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ruxbin Kitchen

Can one city ever have too many fun and delicious BYO spots? My answer is no, and you can add Ruxbin to the list. Walking into Ruxbin puts you in a cheerful mood. The decor is stunning and thought provoking with newspapers, old cookbooks, and stage lights adorning the walls. The larger four-top tables feature re-upholstered theater chairs in bench form. And then, of course, there's the bathroom, a surprise worth experiencing without forewarning. But this is just the vibe of the place: fun, energetic and unique. Luckily the food stands out even after the sensory overload of walking through door. (P.S. Ruxbin does not take reservations and only seats ~30 so arrive early to avoid disappointment.)

The menu is appropriately small and straight forward with four starters and about five entrees. Try and save room for starters after enjoying the bowl of popcorn presented (way better than bread); I know a few people that could eat popcorn all night. We started with garlic fries and their K-Town empanadas. It was a tough choice since everything looked appealing. We were very happy with both dishes and did not send back a single fry. The empanadas were delicious and covered with a unique Chimichurri Crème Fraîche (can't go wrong at $7).

note the empty popcorn bowl in the background

Our main course selections were chicken & waffles, braised short ribs and pan-seared trout. The general consensus was that Ashley and I ordered the best dish of short ribs. They were fantastic. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender with enormous flavor. The sauce packed a subtle punch to enhance everything on the plate, including the sides of brussels sprouts and goat cheese grits.

I did not get a thorough review of the dishes Geoff and Erica ordered, but given the extra interest on the ribs, I assume they were not as good. I tried Erica's trout and agree that it was uninspiring and merely adequate. Geoff's chicken and waffles looked fascinating, as I have never seen or eaten that before. I didn't hear any complaints or raves from his corner.

There are two dessert choices and we tried the bread pudding. It was pretty tasty but not earth shattering. The pudding was nice and soft and not overly sweet, but still lacked meaningful flavor. I'm not a dessert or bread pudding expert, but this was mediocre.

I highly recommend checking out this new, hip restaurant. Come early and bring your wine, and enjoy the food and the vibe (can't miss the bathroom). There are never enough fun neighborhood BYOs and I'm pleased to welcome one more.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    I agree we should grab a bite soon. The whole Zagat thing was a big surprise to me. They just emailed me asking if I wanted to be on the blogroll. Sweet post here on Ruxbin btw. I've been wanting to check it out for a while.



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