Monday, October 18, 2010

Wine Knot - Kenosha, WI

The next time you venture to Kenosha, Wisconsin for any reason (college town, lake, outlet malls, etc) and need some food, Wine Knot is a very good option. My reason for being in southern Wisconsin was for Carthage College Men's soccer, and Erica, Erica's mom and I needed some food before braving the chilly 40s degree night last Wednesday. The Baker women have had trouble finding satisfactory dining choices, which only added to our enjoyable meal. 

As the name implies, Wine Knot is a small but fun atmosphere wine bar and patio in downtown Kenosha. There is a long bar, two large communal wooden high top tables, and individual tables along the wall. There's fun posters and signage, plus a few TVs to catch whatever game is playing. The menu is simple and to the point, exactly what a down-to-earth wine bar should offer. The wine and beer list looked extensive, though we didn't take time to explore it at length.

Our meal was tasty with no surprises, middle of the road Midwestern food. We started with fish tacos, possibly the best dish of the meal, and seasoned parmesan russet fries with chipotle aioli. 

After tasting some good starters, I was slightly dissapointed with the main courses. I ordered Sweet and Spicy Chicken with Soba Noodles and Seasonal Vegetables. The dish was quite simple and relatively bland. Everything looked replicable at home without much work. The chicken was neither sweet nor spicy, and the vegetables added little. Erica did not love her ahi tuna and garlic noodles, preferring to eat all the noodles and some tuna. The food wasn't bad, just nothing special. I recommend choosing simple American dishes such as a burger.

There is a nice and fun vibe to Wine Knot and it's a good place to grab a drink and a snack. I'm certain the patio in the summer is a great place to spend time and enjoy the breeze from Lake Michigan. The main entrees are well prepared and simple, but what more do you need from a wine bar in Kenosha? I have only enjoyed one meal in Kenosha but from what the Baker women said, this is one of the better options.

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