Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Osake - Santa Rosa, CA

Erica and I spent the day in Wine Country and needed a place for a quick lunch between appointments. We were in possession of the Michelin Guide SF and relied on it for a listing of an inexpensive lunch idea. Osake fit the bill with price, time and location.

We enjoyed a pleasant meal, but it wasn't anything special. The value was quite good since we ordered two lunch specials: an executive bento box and five piece sushi plate with california roll. Each dish came with soup and salad, priced at $15 each.

The soup and salad were delicious, and the california rolls were the best I've had in a while because the crap meat was real and fresh (not the crab stick). My nigiri selections were tuna, salmon, eel, shrimp and something I didn't recognize. The fish was only ok, probably more fresh than I could taste, but nothing melted in my mouth.

Erica's box came with teriyaki chicken and california roll (choose from a list of four). Again, the roll and cucumber salad were tasty, but Erica did not love her chicken. I agree, the flavoring and sauce did not overwhelm, and the chicken pieces were the mixed cut kind (both dark and white meat chopped randomly).

I imagine dinner service is a different experience than lunch, or it would not have made it into the Michelin Guide. I can see signs of quality and sophistication, but it did not completely translate during our lunch. The value was very good and I appreciate the service meeting our time constraints. With many high quality restaurants in wine country, there is a challenge just to stay relevant.

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