Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lillie's Q - My Turn

Erica and Jed have already been, but I was not with them. Today was my turn. After picking up Erica at the airport, we drove directly to North Ave. for lunch. Finally I have found a solid and fun BBQ spot to enjoy and recommend. The vibe is part old-school southern, part funky hipster. It fits in perfectly with the surroundings and the local crowd. I liked the decor of creative benches, white tile wall, and wooden tables displaying the five types of sauce.Water and beer (a nice beer list too) are served in mason jars, and your napkin is the now fashionable white cloth. Everything works together for the urban barbecue style Lillie's presents.

My last BBQ experience was critical for not serving killer sauce. Lillie's does not disappoint and gives you plenty of choices of high quality sauces (also available for sale: smart move). Erica and I both ordered pull pork sandwiches with sweet potato fries. The value is solid, getting a lot of meat and fries for $8.50 (sandwich is $7, split single order fries $3). I was surprised by the delicious bun, but I suspect the secret is butter, lots of butter. I love tomato based BBQ with a kick and the Hot Smoky qualifies with flying colors.  When I needed a break I went with regular smoky. After smothering my fries and pork with the sauce every bite was guaranteed to be tasty. The fries were crispy and well seasoned. My only complaint with my sandwich is that the meat was very fatty. I know most purists love the fat, especially with BBQ, but it was a bit much for me. The non-fatty bits, combined with the buttery delicious bread, topped with Hot Smoky were fantastic. Another little complaint was that our service was a bit slow, especially in the middle of the day. After the food came we had no issues.

Lillie's Q does urban BBQ as promised with a little flare. I enjoy the feel of the place, the great sauce and solid beer list. I look forward to checking out the ribs in the future, and now I have somewhere other than Smoque BBQ to recommend. Wicker Park is a better place with solid BBQ.

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