Sunday, October 10, 2010

MoMo's - San Francisco

Continuing the recap from our week visit to the Bay Area, Friday night's meal was across the street from the Giant's stadium at MoMo's. This was the first of three games again the Padres where a single victory sent them to the playoffs. We wanted to be in the vicinity of the stadium in case they won so we could participate in the festivities. We didn't get the win that night (they would on Sunday), but we still had a fun time.

MoMo's was a recommendation as an institution in the area. I'm certain the vibe is quite different on game-nights than regular nights. We ordered a simple meal but James outdid Erica and me going with the steak 3-course option for $29. I ordered blackened salmon and Erica went with a mushroom flatbread pizza.

Everyone's food was just mediocre. We started with a tuna tartare served on crispy won-tons. I like the tuna, could have done without the won-ton. For entrees, I ordered blackened salmon. It was pretty good, well cooked but extremely over "blackened." The corn side was tasty but the rice was not. Erica's gouda and mushroom pizza was quite good, and we notice many people with pizza on the table, so it is likely the best bet. James did not thoroughly enjoy his steak and did not touch his sides. Our wine was also not great, but that could be as much our fault as theirs.

I'm sure MoMo's is a different place when there is no game, but that shouldn't change the food quality. Our service was quite slow and value is not a word I would use to describe our bill. It might be an institution, but not one I would highly recommend or venture back to visit.

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