Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gilt Bar part 87

[Quick Update 9/24/10: Last night's meal featured more great dishes from the menu highlighted by the steak tartare. If you haven't tried this yet you are missing out. Not only is the meat delicious, but the dijonaise sauce is unbelievable. We also had some of my personal favorites, the blackened cauliflower and burrata. I tried the roasted garlic for the first time and wasn't thrilled. I prefer a garlic dish to reek of wonderful garlic and make your breath stink for days. This was not that dish. I know I sound like a broken record praising Gilt, but I have a hard time finding people that disagree.]

I'm not exaggerating, I've been to Gilt more times than I can count, which only speaks to how much I enjoy myself there. I can safely report that even after seven months of operations, the quality of the food and experience are top notch.

One of the reasons I seek out new restaurants is that I enjoy new and different flavors. The only downside to repeat visits to favorite places is that you get stuck in a groove of what you like. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially after some time apart, just something I am all too aware of. Last night fit that mold to a T because it had been a while since my last visit. I ordered my favorite drink(s), an Old Fashioned and Hoffman's of PBR, the creamy and delicious burrata, shaved spring vegetables, the can't-put-them-down fries and two pasta dishes (rigatoni with rabbit confit and the ricotta gnocchi). The night cap was carrot cake.

While the burrata and the pasta dishes lived up to my astronomical standards and memories, the vegetables and carrot cake were a tiny bit off. This is on the high side of picky, but I preferred the balsamic-based dressing for the veggies as opposed to the more creamy one served. I still loved it, and enjoy pushing my flavor palate, but my preferences are what they are. The carrot cake was also tasty with none left over for the dishwasher, but it had a slight taste of dryness or at least not straight-from-the-oven fresh. In both cases the quality still prevailed and did not detract from the rest of the meal at all. The fries are seriously deadly and worth it, the unbelievably seasoned rabbit confit is a dish I could eat 10 times over and it's hard to stop at one portion of the melt-in-your-mouth burrata. Maybe next time I should step out a little farther on the plank and try some new dishes, but it's so hard when your favorites are just too good to pass up.


rabbit confit rigatoni

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  1. I have been there about 10 times. Each time I go, I order the blackened cauliflower with the capers and the roasted garlic and olive oil on toast. I could probably have about 4 servings of each of those items for the rest of my life and die a happy jewish blonde! Gilt is fantastic.



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