Thursday, September 2, 2010

Umi Sake House - Seattle

3Last Sunday Alyssa and I were in Seattle for the night after spending the weekend on Mt. Rainier. We had limited time (and energy) so we found Umi Sake around the corner from where we were staying. Lucky for us the food was great, decor interesting and sake plentiful. Our service was hit and miss and the pricing seemed a bit high, but the food was top notch all around.

We started with and ended with plenty of sake, but for food we went with a round of miso soup, the lobster bake (sauteed lobster with shitake & button mushrooms baked w/ yuzu mayonnaise, pictured) and four pieces of a special maki (salmon from the copper river, AK, pictured top). I stayed away from the lobster but Alyssa and Reeba sent the plate back clean. I traded my portion for an extra bite of the extremely fresh and delicious salmon from Alaska. No soy sauce or wasabi needed.

We also grabbed an order of agedashi tofu, one of my sister's favorites. The tofu and sauce were tasty and it was a large portion. That was already a lot of food so we only ordered another two maki rolls. My favorite was the "007," spicy tuna, avocado & cucumber wrapped with salmon, lime, cilantro, shishito pepper & jalapeno. I love interesting and spicy maki rolls and this certainly qualified. The tuna and salmon were great, but the lime, cucumber and jalapeno make the dish. It was definitely a spicy and refreshing mix all in one. Our other roll was the Umi House Roll made with creamy scallop, cucumber, tobiko & avocado
topped with tuna.
I enjoy avocado on my maki and the scallops were tasty, but it was an inferior roll to the 007.

 007 on the right, Umi House on the left.

While the food was great, our service was only decent and the price steep ($200 for three people with drinks). I really like the decor inside and the way the restaurant is partitioned into distinct sections. It was a great meal (maybe better given we were just on the mountain) and certainly convenient. It's good sushi and if you dont mind the price, it's worth the trip.

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