Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smoky Mountain Brewery

The last stop on our road trip before heading home was in Gatlinburg, TN after hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We were hungry and sore and could use some good food and drink. I've found brew-pubs are usually a safe bet in foreign towns for good drink and food.

Smoky Mountain certainly pours very tasty and well made beer as well decent food. The value was incredible and there were no complaints with the friendly and attentive service.

I sampled four of the beers on tap: Windy Gap Wheat, Mountain Light, Cherokee Red Ale and Thunder Road. The season Wheat was my favorite followed by the very light and crisp Mountain Light. We shared a pretzel basket for starters and ordered a salad and ribs for a main course. Either our eyes were larger than our stomach or portions are skewed in Gatlinburg because we ordered conservatively but a lot of food arrived.

The pretzel basket and beer cheese was surprisingly delicious but the salad was what you'd expect from a brew-pub. Our ribs came with great sides of mashed potatoes and mac 'n cheese, but with more BBQ sauce needed. They were tender ribs and well cooked, but lacked a real punch of flavor. Even though I love BBQ sauce and lather up my ribs, I want more initial flavors in the cooking and spicing. Not the best ribs and definitely not he worst. The BBQ sauce is great and even better with the mashed potatoes.

Gatlinburg is a funny resort town but lots of goofy choices of shops and food. Smoky Mountain Brewery is a great place for great beer and good food slightly off the main drag.

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