Tuesday, March 20, 2012

M Burger - Loop

The new"est" location for M Burger is in the Illinois Center and is definitely not as interesting as the first location carved into the back of Tru. Maybe it was all of the other fried and fast food places in the food court confusing my sense of smell and taste, but my most recent M Burger experience was not as great as my first few. Two years ago I wrote M Burger reminded me of In 'N Out invading Chicago. Simple menus without a lot of choices,  nice packaging and secret menu items. Most of that is still true today but for whatever reason the food did not have the same "I need that again" feeling. It's still pretty good value for high quality fast food burgers and chicken with a single hamburger @ 2.49 or a Hurt Burger (my favorite) for $4.49. I thought the fires were very mediocre this time and were not that hot - and we ate 5 feet from the counter. I did not order a shake but many of my friends did and had good things to say.

The Hurt Burger (or Hurt Chicken) is my personal choice and comes with bbq sauce, pepper jack  and jalapenos in amount depending on how much you want to "hurt". I love spicy and I love bbq so it's a good combination for me.

While M Burger might not have the best burgers in town, they do challenge for great fast food sandwich that is not a chain. The formula of burgers, fries and shakes is well suited for Chicago and the loop location should give the lunch crowd a better option for a quick meal.

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