Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It had been a while since I ventured back to XOCO, mainly because every time you fly out of O'Hare it's hard to avoid grabbing a torta before boarding and thus my bayless cravings are usually satisfied. A few Saturday's ago I was leaving the office and Erica and I were on our way to the gym (kind of bad timing to grab a lunch but oh well) and stopped by XOCO to grab lunch. It was noon so the line was ridiculous to dine in but I just walked up to the cashier to place my to go order (a handy tool for those on the move). I went with a chicken torta for Erica and the Saturday special of braised goat. For a number of reasons my second visit was not as memorable or tasty as my first. Getting the full experience of ordering and getting a seat and sharing some chips and guacamole is probably better than eating a sandwich out of a box in the car. Also, the tortas from XOCO are the same as all of the other Frontera outposts - the airport and now Chase Plaza in the loop - that the novelty has worn off. My goat was quite tasty though and if you add a little of the hot sauce it all comes together well. Erica's chicken was not very good though and appeared to have all the dark meat scraps instead of nice chicken pieces. Finally, it's hard to get too excited about paying $25 for two sandwiches, even if you ate in the restaurant. I still like and recommend XOCO as a fun and different spot to get tasty mexican. It's not cheap and always crowded at peak times but there's still nothing like it in the city. I wonder if XOCO will offer something different since more Bayless Tortas will be available in the loop. In any event it's different and fun and usually tasty.

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