Monday, March 19, 2012

Girl & the Goat

March is such a distracting month for me: St. Pats day, March Madness, work, eating out per usual. That explains my near two week absence from posting. Since I'll be in somewhat of catch up mode I might be more brief than usual. Feel free to comment with questions or opinions.

About two months ago we stumbled in G&TG on a Monday night and was able to grab a table without reservations. It was 10pm so I'm not completely surprised but that place was still packed as if the night was just beginning. We first went to the Goat in September of 2010 shortly after the opening but had not returned since (not the easiest place to get a table). My initial response was to question all the hype surrounding the place. I knew all the media attention and fame of Stephanie would bring customers for years but thought the food was inconsistent. I'm glad we were able to get a second opinion because the food this time around was impressive. We were not starving and did not order a ton of things - which is a bummer because I would have like to try more plates. All in all 95% of the dishes we did try were excellent with a few standouts (such as the fettuccine sugo and skate - didn't love the sweet potato casserole). The atmosphere still feels more River North and West Town but that's ok, the decor is cool and I really like the open kitchen view. Our service was also excellent and very attentive and happy to help us make decisions. I certainly would not call G&TG a value play and I was a little surprised at our bill with only 5 dishes, bread and one drink. If our first visit was worth 2.5 stars I now believe it deserves another star to 3.5. It's hard to recommend to people because of the advance planning and price point, but I'm officially on the band wagon and recommend a stop if at all possible. 

A quick food recap:  we started with one of the warm bread selections with an apple spread and flavored butter of some kind - delicious. The skate came out second with the string beans and fries. Beans were not as good as first one but still a great dish. Skate was awesome, light and tasty but the fries (with powdered ham) were not my favorite but still tasty. I like my larger and piping hot without meat. The best dish was the pasta a and sugo bolognese. I'd go back for that alone and order 3. The least impressive dish was the sweet potato casserole au gratin. We were stuffed and didn't need the dish and loved the fettuccine so much that it was always going to be a touch comparison, but there was just a ton a cheese and thin slices of potato that were overwhelming and rich. There was no room for dessert unfortunately so that will have to happen on the next visit. I'd love to get back with a group of four so if anyone is interested let me know.

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