Friday, October 28, 2011


What a crazy but interesting space. The last restaurant I remember in the extremely large and sectioned area was De La Costa. I have no idea if anything has been there since. People have written about the three faces/sections of Quay - the front bar, the middle dining room and the back lounge. I liked the vibe of the bar with lots of TVs, nice bench seating and plenty of high tops. The entire place is well designed with funky and new age style. This is especially true in the rather small dining room. We went on a Monday night so I'm not surprised it wasn't packed, but I an also imagine that it might get a little loud and cramped if all the tables were occupied.

I really like the menu - it's approachable, to the point and affordable. Many of the items focus or feature seafood but there's a good balance of meat and vegetable selections too (lots of bacon usage). The four of us all had different tastes that night so we were able to see and try many things. We started the meal with two flat breads (one mushroom and one tarte flambe), tuna tartare and the surf and turf trio of sliders. The flat breads were nice and the appropriate size for a starter. I actually liked the mushroom and goat cheese more than my flambe (i.e. bacon and fromage blanc). Our trio of sliders were ok but not amazing. the lobster roll wasn't bad and I liked the burger but not a huge fan of the short rib.

Erica and I split the pork chop special and the served it to us on two plates without asking (a nice touch). Ari and Tali ordered the ravioli and grilled ahi tuna. I didn't taste the tuna but I heard good things. My bite of the ravioli was quite good. Our pork chop was very tasty: well cooked, well seasoned and full of flavor. It was served with slightly under-cooked brussel sprouts and an interested mashed vegetable (potato I assume). I'm glad we shared the plate because I would have been tempted to eat the entire serving.

To round out the meal we ordered sides of garlic potato puree and mac and cheese. The potatoes were great and full of garlic (and butter I'm sure). We ordered the mac without the pork (lots of pork on the menu) but it still came with the chipotle seasoning that should have had a stronger warning label for how much heat it carried. I'm a huge fan of spicy mac n cheese but this needed more clarity for the unsuspecting diner (read: Erica). Oh well.

We had a nice meal with pretty good food and good value. Our service was friendly and attentive and our drinks kept coming (though my first cocktail was a bit of a disaster). We all had plenty of food but no one felt over stuffed. There were other items worth exploring so another visit isn't out of the question. The back lounge area looks very cool with great views and seating areas. The location doesn't do it any favors but hopefully people decided to hang out post meal. Quay is a good addition to that part of town that I hope can find enough people to fill all that space.

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