Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Capital Grille Fall "Plates" Menu

I had the fortunate pleasure to be invited to try Capital Grille's $15 three course lunch menu. The last and only time I've been to Capital Grille was to sample their "Generous Pour" event in the summer. It was a great event and a great meal so getting another chance to have a free meal of great steak is one I can't pass up. 

The "Plates" menu features 3 courses: Soup/Salad (Porcini Bisque  |  Clam Chowder  |  Field Greens), Sandwich (Mini Tenderloin (2)  |  Lobster Roll  |  “Knife and Fork” BLT) and a Side (Seasonal Vegetable  |  Truffle Fries |  Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberry Chutney). It's a lot of food, high quality and for $15 a tremendous deal. Most people think of a steak house lunch as only for high powered suits that can afford hours off and bottles of wine. If that's what you want you can still get that, but for $15 you get the same great food and lightning fast service because the staff at Capital Grille understand the value of your time in the middle of the day. 

I chose the Porcini Bisque to start with the mini tenderloins as my sandwich and a side of fries. I'm not a mushroom guy but the bisque was a great way to start the meal and a needed warmth on a fall day. The mini tenderloins were more than just your average slider. The meat is as tender as they come and melts like butter without a knife. My truffle fries were a little disappointing, not very warm and not very crisp, but also the least important part. 

The other sandwich we tried was the BLT that came with a side of string beans. They call it the Knife and Fork BLT because it's a real hearty sandwich and not your standard country club BLT. 

Here's more detailed information from the press release:
Our new Knife and Fork BLT adds a signature twist to this classic sandwich favorite.  A generous portion of crisp bacon is paired with a Grana Padano Cheese Crisp and Heirloom Tomatoes on a bed of lettuce, topped with a unique black pepper and chive aioli,” notes the Executive Chef .  “We are also pleased to offer dishes made with seasonal vegetables like mushrooms and butternut squash.  Our creamy Porcini Bisque captures the rich flavor of the mushrooms in a smooth, velvety soup.  We added our special twist to Roasted Butternut Squash by pairing it with Cranberry Chutney for a balance of flavors that is sure to please.”

The new menu reflects fresh, seasonal twists on American classics, while being mindful of hectic lunchtime schedules.  For guests with a limited amount of time, TheCapital Grille ensures guests can enjoy a delicious lunch and be on their way in about 45 minutes, without sacrificing the personalized service that characterizes TheCapital Grille dining experience. 

I'm a big fan of the Capital Grille and having he option of a 3-course meal for $15 is just another reason to go and break from the monotonous weekday lunch routine. 

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*Disclaimer - this meal was provided to the writer at no charge.  

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