Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paris Club

The last and only time I ate at Paris Club was during their soft open pre launch. We were able to sample a few menu items but not everything was available. This time we were coming in for a late dinner/snack after attending an event in the area. The most obvious aspect to Paris Club is that it is a place to be and be seen. the vibe is electric and everyone there is having a good and loud time. For even more fun (and exclusivity) there's Studio Paris upstairs. I've never been but I'm sure it's one of the hottest places to party in the city especially when the roof is open. But we sat down in the bar area for food and ordered a salad, chicken and salmon dish. It's not the largest sample size but plenty of food for our needs.

Overall we liked the food but nothing was spectacular and very middle of the road safe. I liked the concept of the cauliflower and arugula salad especially since the cauliflower was shaved super thin and looked like parmesan cheese. I wished there was more dressing and more flavor, but maybe that's their interpretation.

Our main dishes were the Pacific king salmon (summer broth, squash) and from their "French Soul Food" section - chicken paillard.I thought the chicken was more interesting and tasty than the salmon but also played it safe. If we were not sitting in a french restaurant I wouldn't know it was a french dish (and likely asked for bbq sauce). But it's a fine piece of chicken, clean taste with some seasoning.

My salmon was interesting. It was not evenly cooked with a very rare looking center. I know you can eat rare salmon but I was confused if it was meant to be served that way. The sauce/broth was very light and again, probably could have used more flavor.

Paris Club is a place to have a good social night on the town. A small issue with this is that prices are also on the higher side, and in line with going out in style in River North. The food is fine and not risky or earth changing. You'll pay for it but it's hard to have a bad time at Paris Club.

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