Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bistro Voltaire

Last week was tough to find time to update the blog. Oh well, I hope to do better this week. I didn't realize until I started writing that my previous post was also a French restaurant (Paris Club) although the two could not be more different. Eric and I went on a Monday to enjoy the daily special of three course meal for $27. It's a great deal but since the menu is very reasonably priced it ends up equaling a free dessert. Even though there was a special menu provided, it appeared that every item is available to create your prix fixe. I loved the simplicity of the menu with eight options to start, six choices for entrees and four for dessert. There's enough of a mix of salads and classic french starters for everyone to be happy. I went with the Asparagus salad with black truffle vinaigrette. It was delicious and the truffle vinaigrette was subtle and flavorful. 

My main course was a tuna steak with string beans on top of large couscous. The sauce was an amazing cream and pepper that I wish I knew how to make. All the rage these days is tuna steak served rare or almost rare but I guess the French style is more well down. I was surprised how well it turned out and how well the sauce was a perfect compliment. 

The only way I know how to end a great French meal is with a great French crepe. Our dessert crepe was filled with banana and nutella. It was a good as it was simple and tres french. 

Simplicity at a restaurant is a quality going extinct. This small French bistro knows what it does best and doesn't try too hard to do too much. They serve classic french dishes prepared with a modern touch and delicious rich flavors. There's also a charm factor of a small bistro under the El tracks with only 20ish seats and a small menu. It might not be the most hip and trendy place but that's likely a bonus for the repeat neighborhood customer base. 

I sometimes complain that the recipe for a great restaurant is not complicated: serve great food at reasonable prices with good service in a nice environment. I commend Bistro Voltire for following the simple recipe and providing a great product and one of the best meals of the year. 

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