Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cru Cafe & Wine Bar

Even though Cru was on my list as something I'd want to check out, we kind of just stumbled in on a Monday night. I was surprised how large the space is. I really like the bar area - a few TVs, large U shaped bar, chalk boards with menu items and a really nice back bar with wine and spirits galore. It certainly has the feel of a sleek wine bar that belongs in the gold coast. I have no idea if the regular seating area on the other side of the place gets full, but I think if they didn't have the separation I would just add a few tables to the bar area and call it a day. The wine list of course is large and probably impressive if I knew what I was reading. Plenty of wine by the glass and I had two of a very nice cab franc. For food we started with the fritto misto, and had the steak frites and salmon as main dishes with a side of green beans.


Everything we had was just ok with nothing really surprising or particularly tasty. The best flavor of the entire meal was probably the mashed potatoes that came with the salmon. The salmon as also probably the next best thing as it was well cooked and seasoned. Liz liked the steak and I would agree it was a good piece of meat, nice char marking and cooked to order. It didn't wow me but was fine and a good size for $23, and the fries were cold and not very good either. I have no idea what the fritto misto was supposed to be - it was just a bunch of random stuff deep fried and the batter didn't even stay on the items. Not recommended. The green beans were very bland and I easily could have made better ones myself. Finally, we tempted fate just a bit too much with the brownie sundae that arrived in a very awkward glass. Neither brownie nor ice cream were worth finishing and we left most of the dessert on the table. 

Overall I don't think I'll be back any time soon. The bar area is really nice and a good spot to have a drink and maybe a dish, but mostly drink. The food was very mediocre, our service was spotty and the value not great as our bill was over $120. Maybe the move to a larger location was a mistake as I think the bar program would be a great addition to many restaurants or hotels in the area. 

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