Friday, December 14, 2012

Primanti Brother's - Pittsburgh, PA

This will be short and sweet. Primanti Brother's - an institution in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. I was in town for just a few days working on a campaign event and we decided immediately after our event finished we needed to celebrate with beer, shots, and some ridiculous sandwiches. And when I mean ridiculous, I mean tradition diner style, huge white bread, large grease meat topped with coleslaw and FRENCH FRIES. Yes, each sandwich is finished with fries. The place is classic and charming and goofy and a heart attack just smelling the fumes - but it's fun and unique and the food is quite good if you can avoid thinking about the health affects. The photos should do all the talking needed. At least I can check the box.

Primanti Brothers (Downtown CBD) on Urbanspoon

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