Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mani Osteria & Bar - Ann Arbor, MI

Oh I feel it has been neglected a little bit the past month or so and I've been making excuses for not having time to update and eat. In my defense life has been anything but stable and settled and eating out and blogging unfortunately has not been a top priority. BUT, spending time this month in Washington, DC exploring a new city and restaurants has given me some motivation to get 2013 off to a good start. And with that I'll quickly write about a good spot in my favorite college town of Ann Arbor from last month. It's also in honor of the wonderful start of our basketball team. Sigh.

Mani was recommended as a good a new place to check out on one of my many visits. The food scene in Ann Arbor has always been good but seems to have elevated the quality in recent years as well. As expected with Osteria in the name, Mani is a very nice place to enjoy an Italian small plate meal with wood fired pizzas, pastas and antipasti. Half of the restaurant is a large bar area with high top tables and first come first serve seating. With only two people I felt a little sad to not explore more of the menu, but there's always next.

The main course was pizza (not pictured because I'm an idiot and forgot) which was garlic and burrata cheese and spinach. It wasn't our favorite unfortunately but other pizzas look great and have heard other good things. The rest of the meal was small plates from the rest of the menu: risotto croquettes (amazing), homemade sausage and potatoes, prosciutto & figs salad and pickled tomatoes. There were some good and some ok but overall the food is quality and well prepared. I loved the rissoto balls and the salad was also very nice. You have to have a taste for pickled tomatoes and know what you're getting, but the way they are presented with cheese and toast and olives is a very nice make your own snack. The spicy sausage was mediocre but the potatoes and sauce served with are great.  I wish I tried a pasta too.

Mani is a nice place to grab a solid meal in Ann Arbor. The service and value are there to make it a easy choice on any night of the week. The food is up and down at times but finding a few great things is not hard to do.

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  1. How dare you post photos without descriptions!

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