Saturday, February 11, 2012

Public House

I don't normally write about bars and bar food but there are three reasons why Public House is different: the food was solid, the table taps rock, and we first went to watch the Michigan Wolverines win the Sugar Bowl there. I have since been back two more times and was not surprised to see a packed house. During the week it's a great sports bar to watch the game and have good food with an enormous beer and drink list. My preference is to get a table with the taps right there so you don't have to move and can pour your own drink and not wait for service (and I think it's slightly cheaper). However, if you show up on the weekend you'll see a familiar River North bar scene with tons of people, not a lot of personal space and long lines at the bar. But that's what going out in RN is all about. Public House is a fantastic addition to the many options in the area but one that has made it high on my list of places to hang out.

The night of the Sugar Bowl I ordered a flat bread as a share able starter and a chicken burger. Both were good but the chicken burger was surprisingly great. well cooked with nice flavors and avocado and grilled onions. The fries are excellent and on a return trip that was all we needed. I haven't tried many other dishes but everything I've heard has been good.

Nothing is ever cheap in River North and Public House is no exception (they have to pay rent too). But you get a great atmosphere, good food and fun table taps to make for a good experience all around. I recommend checking it out and it's on my short list of go to spots right now.

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