Monday, February 20, 2012

Squatters Pub - Salt Lake City

What better way to kill time in Salt Lake before heading to the airport than hang out in an award winning brew pub? Maybe drinking in Utah to pass time sounds like the start of a joke but it's not. Squatters Beer has some of the best varieties in the country and has all the medals and banners to prove it.

I enjoy getting beer flights to sample the varieties offered at brew pubs and I especially loved the presentation - the six beers are served in a ski. If I had to choose a favorite I'd pick the Chasing Tail Golden Ale but right behind it would be the Provo Girl or Full Suspension Pale Ale. All great beers and very drinkable any day of the week.

We ordered lunch consisting of a turkey sandwich and the ahi spring roll salad. I'd say the sandwich with avocado and fries was very solid and well done for a simple but tasty lunch. My salad was interesting with a deep fried roll of tuna and ginger on top of a bed of lettuce. the greens were nice but the tuna was not the best and I didn't need the fried part.

But most of all the beer was delicious and the place was packed with like minded sunday afternoon enthusiasts. Maybe they were all tourists like us but we had a fun time sitting at the bar and tasting beer with some food. I look forward to continuing to support the brand and buy it where ever available in Chicago.

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  1. That beer sampler sure looks tasty!! I wish I could visit Squatters.



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