Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maude's Liquor Bar

In anticipation of the latest Sodikoff establishment, Au Cheval, I wanted to write another post on one of my favorite Chicago additions of 2011. It's no secret I have had many great meals there and this latest one was no exception - and I brought some friends from work to share the love.

Maude's is best enjoyed with a minimum of four. This allows many shared dishes and a complete exploration of the menu. Any meal is best started with one of their signature Smash cocktails, my favorites are either the whiskey or violet. From there we proceeded to order almost one of everything: french onion fondue, steak tartare, mushrooms, and brussel sprouts. And that was the first course.

Everything was great with Erica's personal favorite, the fondue, still rocking. I loved the the sprouts and even thought the new mushroom dish was tasty (and I'm not much of a mushroom person). For steak tartare lovers I find Maude's version very good. The best part could be the deliciously soft and warm toast corners used to transport the meat to the mouth. I like the throw a little hot Sriracha sauce to make it completely irresistible.

Meal part II included the overly addictive fries, the sausage of the day, lentils and a special short rib with gnocchi. I very easily could return multiple times a week and eat just those four things over and over again. the sausage and fries are ordered on every visit so I wasn't surprised they were delicious. The lentils are a great side and add a little green and substance to round out the course, but I was really impressed with the short rib (and something not always on the menu). The meat was perfectly cooked and fell apart easily - no knife needed. I loved the sauce as well because it wasn't too thick and over powering but also not completely wimpy and watery. It stuck to the meat the from plate to bite. The gnocchi was also something I had never tried at Maude's and thought their take was good and different. They came in long cylinder shapes with a consistent texture throughout. I've been kind of cool to gnocchi even though it seems to appear on every other menu in town.

Finally we ended with an order of the creme brulee - made special with a hot iron instead of a blow torch. I highly recommend if you haven't tried it.

I am happy to report that Maude's is still serving the high quality and tasty food one year after the opening. I'm a fan a return regularly and believe they still make some of the best food in town for great value (don't forget about the cocktails either). I look forward to many more meals, including my next visit this Friday.

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  1. Totally and completely agree with you ~ I love Maude's for the food, drinks, and atmosphere ~ I really think it's top notch and beats out many more lauded Chicago restaurants when I'm recommending somewhere to go!



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